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For the better part of two decades, our family of highly-skilled master craftsmen at Crippen Woodworks has created impeccable feats of custom finish carpentry and skilled woodworking for hundreds of projects, both large and small, for homeowners all across the Greater Metro Atlanta area.


With a lifelong passion for wood, Crippen Woodworks is absolutely committed to top-quality carpentry and woodworking that is not only artistically beautiful, but highly functional, as well. We put everything we’ve got into each and every thing we build. Your vision becomes our mission.


With a commitment to total customer satisfaction, we also put everything we’ve got into every single encounter with our customers. From initial consultation to the finished product, we will be in close contact with you every step of the way throughout the entire process – honestly, promptly, and with an absolute focus on service that makes you feel completely confident about doing business with us.

Our Approach

It’s All About the Details…

At Crippen Woodworks, our skilled master craftsmen create true works of art. And as any artist knows, we understand that the excellence is in the details of our craftsmanship. On its own, a simple, tiny, artistic detail may well be overlooked or undervalued, but when woven together with other slight, yet intentional, artistic details, the end result is a synergistic masterpiece that takes on a life of its own, where the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Just as thousands of separate, disconnected brushstrokes combine to create Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa; just as thousands of individually hand-sewn stitches join the finely cut pieces of the soft leather interior of a luxury automobile; just as the intricate movement of a fine timepiece’s internal mechanisms results in the smooth, continuous, sweeping movement of its second hand…

It’s sometimes the smallest, most seemingly unnoticeable details that come together to create the most amazing, awe-inspiring things.

Not everyone appreciates such detail — but our customers do, and we do, as well.


You Have Invited Us Into Your Home…

While your house may be the location of our temporary job site, we at Crippen Woodworks never overlook the fact that it is ultimately your home and personal sanctuary, and we regard it as such. It’s our desire that the only things we leave behind upon completion of a project is the finished product itself and the good memories you have of us being there. We will make every effort to affect your normal, daily life as little as possible during our time on the project. Not only will we plan accordingly to ensure that whatever can be built off-site will be, but we will also make sure to clean up behind ourselves at the conclusion of every workday. In addition, we’ll take extra care in staging our materials so as to limit any effect on your children, pets, or landscaping. And in keeping with our emphasis on the importance of details, we pay close attention to how things look when we arrive, even going so far as to take photos in order to return your home and its surroundings to their “normal” state, having disturbed them as little as possible.

Charlie Crippen
Working since 2001

Meet the Owner

A native of Georgia and a third-generation craftsman, I learned to work with my hands from my father and grandfather, each a wildly talented craftsman in his own right. As a young man in the mid-1990s, I began my career in carpentry as a finish carpenter. Growing in skill and confidence, I founded Crippen Woodworks in 2001 as a finish carpentry company, servicing both residential and commercial new construction.  Soon, people began asking us about other possible areas of specialty, namely custom cabinets. This customer demand necessitated the opening of our own cabinet shop.


Then, people started asking us if we could handle projects on the exteriors of their homes. Our customers noticed the sharp contrast between the fine carpentry and precision craftsmanship we had been putting into their home interiors, when compared to the carpentry outside.  Often, just a few steps from their exquisite kitchens and main living areas would be a subpar, second-thought, deck or screen room. Our customers wanted the same craftsmanship and excellence our team achieved inside applied to their outdoor spaces. So we began building decks and porches, first for our existing finish carpentry customers then for others with equally demanding taste.


Today, the team and I apply the same unwavering principles and standards of excellence to every project.  It’s truly a team effort and I feel blessed to not only have the privilege of working with one of the most talented group of craftsmen in the city, but I am also grateful for the strong and loyal customer base that allows Crippen Woodworks to do what we do so well.

Charlies’ Bio

Our Team

Our greatest asset is our people.


The ultimate blessing that I have experienced in business has materialized in the form of a consistent and continuous gathering of fantastic customers and brilliant craftsman. I am collaborating with people who are just all-around good folks.

Our core of talented carpenters has worked together for periods of time ranging between 5 and 16 years. We take our time in recruiting, training and seasoning new craftsmen for the Crippen Woodworks team and work diligently to establish and maintain great, long term relationships. Having a talented group of craftsmen who has worked together on countless projects is exhibited in both our process and end product.


Whether it’s a customer’s first time doing business with us or they have over a decade of loyal patronage with us, we apply the same commitment to excellence. It’s because of our loyalty to the customer that we refuse to “ramp up” or overstate our capabilities in an effort to secure projects that are not in keeping with our areas of expertise or even our ability to complete a project within a customer’s timeframe. We know our core strengths and parameters. Whether it’s the specialty, size or schedule, we know what we can do (and more importantly what we can’t do) and as a result, we do it better than anybody else.


We are intentional when it comes to achieving excellence.

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