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Few things help to elevate and set a space apart like the beauty of custom carpentry and skilled woodworking. The fluid combination of form and function blend together to add value, ambience, and elegance to any space seeking to make a bold and sophisticated statement. Equal parts construction and art, custom woodwork not only adds beauty, but detail and visual interest, as well.

Just as custom carpentry combines form and purpose to create a usable piece of art, the skill of the master artisans at Crippen Woodworks, combined with your unique vision, will come together to create a magnificent space you’ll enjoy for years to come.


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What We Do

At Crippen Woodworks, not only have we spent the better part of the last two decades crafting countless custom carpentry and woodworking installations for homeowners across the Greater Metro Atlanta area, but we’ve also dedicated ourselves to crafting an impressive reputation for excellence – not only in craftsmanship, but in service, as well.


With a team of master craftsmen with extensive experience in custom carpentry, Crippen Woodworks has the range and expertise to design and build made-to-order structures that are both innovative and practical. Whether it’s the distinguished look of fine, built-in custom cabinetry and shelving for a kitchen, bath, home office, entertainment center, or closet, our one-of-a-kind installations add form and function to virtually any room of the house. In addition, we also specialize in the detailed work of trim carpentry, moldings, and millwork installation that adds warmth and luxury to your home, setting it apart from the rest. The only limit is your imagination, given the countless ways to incorporate our designs into your home’s interior plan.


But we don’t stop there.


Crippen Woodworks also incorporates that same level of indoor detail and craftsmanship to the areas outsideyour home, as well. If you’re looking to extend and beautify your living spaces beyond your home’s interior, our team also specializes in designing and building high-end decks, porches, screened rooms, pergolas, and other such wooden hardscape structures that help to create a luxurious outdoor landscape that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Why Choose Us

Any building project carries with it a certain level of stress that must be managed, no matter the size or scale of what’s to be built. Whether it’s a relatively small-scale installation, such as a built-in bookcase, or a much larger installation with many more facets, such as a custom deck or porch with custom seating, each and every project must be given the proper amount of skill, attention, and resources in order to be completed successfully and on time. At Crippen Woodworks, we’re dedicated to relieving you of the burden of that stress. You’ll see that our incredible attention to detail isn’t applied only to the things that we design and build; that same level of attention is also applied to every aspect of the project, as a whole — from initial consultation to final completion.



From start to finish, nothing compares to Crippen Woodworks’ commitment to superiority — both in craftsmanship and customer service. When it comes to our custom woodworks, you can be sure that our skilled artisans are fully dedicated to superiority with every measurement, cut, and joint. No detail is too small in the creation of your project, for it’s the smallest details that contribute to the enormous success and satisfaction that you’ll get from your finished project. We know that luxury lives in the finer details of the design.


But it’s also important to us that we adhere to the same standards of excellence and integrity when it comes to our customer service, as well. From start to finish we seek to serve you, not just with the product itself, but with the entire process, too. While custom carpentry and woodworking may be our passion at Crippen Woodworks, it’s our purpose to make your total experience with us as satisfying as possible while exceeding all your expectations.


With decades of experience — not only in carpentry, but in customer service, as well — you’ll find Crippen Woodworks to be a considerate, helpful, closely-knit group of craftsmen dedicated to kindness as much as their craft.



Even before the first piece of wood is cut, we will consult with you to discuss what your needs and expectations are… How do you currently use the space? How would you like to use the space?What do you currently like about the space? What would you like to change about the space? We actually listen to what you say. Knowing the answers to these questions up front will help us to successfully build something that’s not only beautiful, innovative, and as unique as you are, but something that meets every expectation you had for the project before it even started.


Budget & Timeline

Two of the most important factors in any building project are its budget and timeline. The success of any project pretty much hinges upon them. Not upon the size of the budget, necessarily, but upon the contractor or project manager’s ability to adhere to the projected budget and timeline for the build. Unforeseen issues and delays can lead not only to mounting frustration, but to mounting expenses and inconveniences, too. With Crippen Woodworks, you can be confident that our experience will not only help us to lead your project successfully, but our experience will also allow us to meet your expectations for the project’s overall timeline and bottom line, as well.

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